The EMB Is A Line Bureau By Virtue Of Section 34 Of The Philippine Clean Air Act Of 1999 (Ra 8749).  The Bureau Is Mandated To Implement On A Nationwide Scale The Six (6) Important Environmental Laws To Wit:


To protect, restore and enhance environmental quality towards good public health, environmental integrity and economic viability.


A nation empowered to protect our finite natural resources, attuned to the pursuit of sustainable development, for a clean and healthy environment that enhances the Filipino Quality of life for present and future generations.


a.    Advise The Secretary On Matters Relating To Environmental Management

b.    Formulate Plans And Policies And Set Appropriate Environmental Quality Standards (Water, Air And Noise) For The Prevention, Control Of Pollution And Protection Of The Environment

c.    Exercises Direct Supervision Over Its Regional Offices In The Implementation Of Plans And Programs.  The Central And Regional Offices Of The Bureau Discharge Both Staff And Regulatory Functions

–         Issue Permits, Clearances Under  Ra 8749, Ra 9003, Ra 9275, Ra 6969 And Pd 1586  And Monitor Compliance To Said Laws

d.    Provides Secretariat Support To The Pollution  Adjudication Board Per Eo 192

e.    Provides Secretariat Support To The National Solid Waste Management Commission As Provided For In Section 4 Of Ra 9003

f.     Develop And Implement A Research And Development Program In Support Of The Following:

–          Environmental Criteria And Standards Formulation;

–          Environmental And Compliance Monitoring; And

–          Study Of Existing And Potential Environmental Problems And Issues

g.    Implement A System For The Recognition Of Environmental Laboratories

h.    Promote Public Information And Education To Encourage Participation Of An Informed Citizenry In Environmental Quality Planning And Monitoring.

i.      Serve As Focal Point Agency  For International Agreements/Commitments